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The iStartupAngels Group was formed in 2013 by Alex Ackerman, and we're looking for young companies with highly motivated individuals, breakthrough ideas and disruptive technologies that will assure their place in international markets.

iStartupAngels Investors are wealthy individuals who invest in high risk, pre-seed, and seed stage startups by reserving a portion of their total investment portfolios to provide emerging companies with start-up capital through direct, private investments. Their goal is to achieve higher returns than the typical public markets provide.

iStartupAngels is an active group of investors and mentors who contribute their time and experience, as well as introductions to valuable contacts and resources essential to the company’s success.

Our group constantly seeks new investment opportunities and new angel investors to join us.

The group invests in various business sectors, with a preference for outstanding technology driven companies.
Alex Ackerman – Founder, CEO and Venture Builder

Alex is in charge of group's strategic directions, startup mentorship and functional execution of business objectives.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the startup ecosystem. He has founded five startups including this group, and has worked with over 400 entrepreneurs on various aspects of startup fundraising, development, idea validation, business strategy, marketing, sales, and management. Two of his startups, Quali and Tactile Mobility, have successfully raised approximately $150 million.

As a lecturer, Alex shares his extensive knowledge on startups with entrepreneurs worldwide. He is also dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs establish and grow their ventures.

Alex is an authorized startup consultant by the Israeli Ministries of Economy and Aaliyah and Integration, bringing a wealth of experience in assisting startups at different stages of their development towards success.

With a rich international experience, having lived and worked in eight countries across 4 continents, Alex possesses extensive business connections, enabling him to assist entrepreneurs in reaching a broader target audience.

In summary, Alex Ackerman is a successful entrepreneur, venture builder, and leading business consultant with the knowledge and experience necessary to guide new entrepreneurs in establishing, growing and funding their businesses.

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iStartupAngels Group is a meeting place for the entrepreneurs and investors. We work with innovative startup companies, angel investors, venture capitalists and other business leaders.
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