It’s often said that entrepreneurs just need a great idea, but it appears to be that coming up with an idea is almost the least important part of creating a successful company, since most ideas never make it to the real world - Execution is key!

To exist, startups need a clear execution strategy and funds. However most startups fail to raise capital and many of these that succeed meet with more than 50 potential investors before closing a seed round. So what’s the difference between startups that succeed and those that fail, and how to increase your chances to be among the success stories?

The greatest secret of a successful startup company is the mentor who helps the founders in building clear execution strategy and venturing through the right path. Mentors are the secret weapons of successful startups. Industry analysis shows that startups who had used mentors in their early stages achieved success and outperformed their peers by a factor of three.

Our value-added mentorship program is geared toward early stages startups. We’ll work with you or your team 1:1 to address your startup challenges with focus on building clear execution strategy and preparing you with materials, knwledge and investor pitch for a funding round.

Though we’ll meet in advance and decide together what is right for you, our typical program includes the following elements:
Many startup entrepreneurs have great ideas but often lack the skills, knowledge and experience to execute. As a startup entrepreneur, you always find yourself in situations where you “don’t know what you don’t know” but you have to stay in motion and make decisions regardless. Without a savvy guide, in the form of a mentor, you may wind up making crucial early mistakes that would have otherwise been avoidable. The smaller your company, the faster you need to move, often without enough information to make perfect choices.

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly collecting and synthesizing information; thinking tactically and long-term simultaneously. You’re never asking for permission but getting the facts together in order to make the best decisions possible at any given time — and good mentors who’ve been there before are the best way to make these decisions.

Our low-budget mentorship program is designed for early and seed stage startups. Throughout the program we'll meet face to face twice a month. During the meetings you will present the progress and challenges, then we’ll discuss strategy and practical solutions as well as setting the long-term and specific short-term, action-oriented goals for the following 2 weeks. Furthermore, we'll be available for additional support as it will be required.

We have the expertise and skills you need to make your startup stand out. Get in touch to find out more
Business development for startups is crucial to create long-term viability from its marketing to its investors, customers, target audiences, and strategic partnerships. Too many startups can get caught up with their innovative ideas, technical expertise and grand vision, soon falling short of necessary operational funds because they ineffectively engaged and closed qualified investors and customers.

While innovation and organizational efficiency are key for any startup to succeed, these alone with not assure it of any success or long-term viability. Sooner or later, a startup will need to become effective at marketing and selling their ideas to investors, strategic partners, and ultimately to the end user.

Typically, the role of Business Development at a startup includes a variety of activities with focus is on building and implementing go-to-market strategies, strategic partnerships, licensing, product distributions, monetization, and sometimes acquisitions. But, it varies greatly depending on the industry, product/service, size and type of startup.

The goal of our business development services is to create a long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. The services will be discussed with you and tailored to meet your specific requirements, though typically they include:
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