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Startup Mentoring Program

It's for you if you're an Oleh Hadash with less than 10 years in Israel, or you're a Toshav Hozer with less than 2 years in Israel.

Regardless of your stage, if you already have a company or just have an "IDEA" and would like to consult with experienced startup mentors, you can participate in a startup mentoring program supported by MATI / the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

Program Highlights:
Up to 80 hours one on one, with experienced Startup Mentors to help you build a successful Startup
  • Module 1 – Mapping your business needs and initial idea validation
  • Module 2 – Mentoring to build a business model and develop a strategy
  • Module 3 – Mentoring to build a business plan and P&L forecast
  • Module 4 – Mentoring and support in growing your startup
  • Seminars and Workshops on the most important issues for a startup
It's for you if you're an Oleh Hadash with less than 10 years in Israel.

Program Highlights:
Up to 80 hours with experienced Startup Mentors to help you build a successful Startup.

The Program
MATI’s startup mentorship program aims to provide the entrepreneurs with a toolset necessary to understand all the key elements of planning/building a successful startup company. It provides a foundation for establishing and managing a successful startup as well as finding the right sources for potential investors and preparing you for dealing with them. The program includes:

Introduction Meeting
During an introduction meeting, the mentor will introduce himself and the entire startup mentoring program, following by entrepreneur’s introduction of the startup idea, stage, progress, and achievements. The main objective of the introduction meeting is to set expectations with regards to how the program is going to assist the entrepreneur to achieve his/her business goals.

Module 1 - Mapping of Business Needs and Preparing a Foundation
Preliminary project formulation and initial assessment of the entrepreneurial idea or mapping of business needs of an existing start-up venture. Involves collecting information, among others, regarding the entrepreneurial idea, professional background, relevant experience, venture feasibility, the extent of the response to a need, and potential customers. At the end of this stage, an entrepreneur will have a rough estimate of its startup business potential and will be equipped with a toolset to further continue the venture feasibility evaluation.

Module 2 - Business Model
Assisting in building or sharpening the business model for the startup venture or entrepreneurial idea. The service is offered to start-up entrepreneurs as well as owners of ventures operating less than two years since their inception, who are seeking to develop new areas in their ventures. Involves collecting information required to assess venture feasibility such as product-market-fit, market penetrability, initial investment requirement, calculation of investment return time, and point of equilibrium. At the end of this stage, entrepreneurs will have a good idea about the suitable business models and an initial strategy to execute.

Module 3 - Mentoring and Support in Building a Business Plan
Mentoring and support of entrepreneurs as they write their business plan and an executive summary targeted at potential investors, venture capital funds, or the governmental funds for ventures with significant innovation. Participants are mentored in key elements such as market analysis, choice of target markets, the choice of development and marketing penetration strategies, defining goals and objectives, business strategy, financial projections and much more. At the end of this stage, entrepreneurs will have a clear understanding of their short, medium and long-term goals, how to achieve them backed by a fully written executive summary and a complete business plan guided by the mentor.

Module 4 - Mentoring and Support in Growing Your Startup
The purpose of this stage is to assist startup entrepreneurs with all the individually necessary tasks in order to move forward and grow the startup company. The mentor will work with the entrepreneur on any startup related topic for which the entrepreneur needs assistance. Activities that characterize this process include:
  • Ongoing business progress evaluation and discussing strategic directions
  • In-depth analysis of investment opportunities and how to become investor-ready
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities
  • Formulating a work plan for the materialization of the business idea encompassing both marketing and managerial aspects.
  • Team recruitment and management
  • Submission of funding applications with different funds
  • And anything else that may assist the startup entrepreneur with moving forward

Seminars and Workshops
In addition, the program includes free courses and workshops on topics like startup success secrets, legal issues for early-stage startups, startup funding options, the right presentation to raise capital, communication with investors, the elevator pitch, the 5-min pitch, and more.
The program takes place in the heart of Tel Aviv, in MATI offices located at 14 Balfour st., 3rd floor.

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